Does Your Injury Require Surgery in Dallas, TX?

Trust our orthopedic surgeon for advanced care

Are you suffering from a sports or workplace injury, such as a torn ACL? Dealing with a knee injury that won't heal on its own? Whatever your orthopedic needs are, the orthopedic specialists at Medplus Physician Group Inc. in Dallas, TX are ready to treat you.

Our orthopedic surgeon can treat torn ligaments, muscles and tendons, as well as broken bones. We even have an orthopedic specialist that focuses specifically on:

Spine injuries | Joint injuries | Shoulder injuries | Knee injuries

Please note that we do not provide pediatric or oncological care.

Contact us to discover how we can treat your orthopedic problems.

Providing comprehensive care in Dallas, TX

When you set up an appointment with us, we'll first use our imaging technology to diagnose your injury and see if we can treat it without surgery. Should our orthopedic surgeon need to operate, we'll transfer you to a nearby facility for the procedure.

All of our surgeries are outpatient except for spinal procedures. That means you'll be back home before the day is over so you can comfortably rest and recover.

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