Regain Mobility in Your Hands or Wrists

Come to us for top-notch wrist and carpal tunnel surgery in Dallas, TX

Hand or wrist problems can make normal chores or activities excruciating. Make sure your wrist issues are treated properly by visiting Medplus Physician Group Inc. in Dallas, TX. We can perform hand and wrist surgery to treat a wide variety of issues.

Our team can treat:

Fractures and dislocations | Flexor pulley system tears | Ganglion cysts | Dupuytren's contracture | Nerve damage, numbness or tingling

We can also take care of hardware installations, cartilage reconstructions and issues caused by diabetes complications and comorbid conditions.

Speak with a member of our team today to schedule a hand or wrist surgery.

Spot the signs of carpal tunnel

One our most common procedures is carpal tunnel surgery. Some common indicators of carpal tunnel include:

  • Pain and inflammation in your hand or wrist
  • Constant tingling in your hand
  • Weakness in your thumb through your ring finger

By getting carpal tunnel surgery now, you can prevent these issues from worsening. We'll help you reduce or even eliminate your pain.

Visit our office to have your hands and wrists checked for carpal tunnel syndrome.